Psyc 542 -- Psychological Testing

Dr. Mills

Fall, 2001:



Tu-Th section


Wednesday section.

Article or Book Chapter Summaries and Critiques by Students:


Summary of Lucas (1999). Adult career changers: a developmental context. from Journal of Employment Counseling.  by Balooch, Condos, Graham & Wicke (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint Presentation.


Summary of Furham, A., Drakeley, R. (2000). Predicting Occupational Personality Test Scores. Journal of Psychology, .  By Fernandez, Green, Shymanski, & Zamora (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint presentation.


Summary of Gat & McWhirter (1998).  Personality characteristics of competitive and recreational cyclists.  By Dolan, McNeil, Wiseman & Bonilla (Fall 2001).  Powerpoint presentation.