Panel members:Heather Digby, Carina Echeverria, Kristen Bush, and Lisa Pawloski

Reference:Clayton, M.(2001).In student test scores, a wider gap.Christian Science Monitor,93 (193), 1-4.




††††††††††† This article demonstrates that there is a widening gap between whites and minorities for the SAT scores.Although SAT scores have improved overall during the past decade, white students have improved by a greater number of points, thereby increasing the gap more than it was ten years ago.This suggests that minority students might not be as well prepared as white students to face the challenges of college.The article also refers to the increase in minorities taking the SAT, demonstrating that minorities have the desire of a higher education and know that a college education has many benefits to offer.The problem is that minorities must have the same access as white students to the education they desire.

††††††††††† Some possible reasons for the lack of quality education provided to minority students may be that funding for local schools has relied almost solely on local property taxes.This results in the continuous growth in the tax base of affluent communities, but not as much in urban school districts.Also, test preparation is costly and therefore minority community schools may not be able to afford it as easily as affluent community schools.

††††††††††† Despite the large gap, many states have actually reported an increase in their students' SAT scores.There has been an improvement, or at least an attempt to improve, the educational system, in particular, in the areas of reading and mathematics.However, in order to make a quality education more equitably accessible, there needs to be extra funding for urban schools so that minority students may have the same testing preparations as white students.This may be a small step in an even greater improvement in SAT scores nationwide, as well as a decrease in the gap between minority students and white students.††††


Outline for the article: In Student Test Scores, A Wider Gap Persists


I.                    Decade of education reform has lifted the academic performance of college-bound seniors-of all races and ethnicities.

(1)Scores of African-American students has raised 6 points on verbal and 7 points on math, in the past 10 years.

(2)Scores of White Students has raised 11 points on verbal and 18 on math, in the past 10 years.

II.                 The dark side is white students scores on the SAT have raised to a higher degree then students of other races

(1) The performance gap is wider than it was ever before.

(2) Educational backsliding has occurred for all groups except Asian Americans.

III.               Why are minorities not as well prepared for the academic rigors of college?Why do they fail to perform as well as whites on the SATís?Some sayÖ

(1) The tax base continues to grow in affluent communities, but not as much as urban school districts.

(2) SAT preparation is increased for most affluent kids in suburban schools and less-well-off kids in urban schools donít receive the preparation.

(3.) Children of minority communities are not coached on academics and success in college like white children.

(4.) More ďCĒ students are taking the test know.

(5.) Teachers of affluent communities receive bonuses for raising scores on SATís