Psychological Testing,  Dr. Mills


Spring, 2000 classes


Section 1 (Tuesdays)


     Are psychological tests biased?  Yes:  Geneviève Marcellino & Jacqueline Thomas  No: Janelle Calise

     Debate: Projective Testing  Pro: Janelle Calise   Con: Maria Abenes, Ami Kunimura, Jaime VanNote

     Summary and review of the NEO-PI-R by Ami Kunimura,  Geneviève Marcellino, Jacqueline Thomas, Jaime Vannote

     Summary of clinical assessment lecture by guest lecturer Dr. Lisa Henry

     Summary of the MMPI2 by Tracey O_Donnell, Malinda Sheetz, and Ami Kunimura

Section 2 (Wednesdays)  

     Summary and Review of the MMPI-2 by Victoria Boccanfuso, Jamie Hseih, and Shawna Metcalfe 

     Are psychological tests biased?  Yes:    No:  D. Leintz, K. Heeg, M. Engle

     Summary and Review of the NEO-R  by Elizabeth Kleiman, Keita Kobayashi and Reyna Avila.

     Summary and Review of The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, by Reyna Avila, Victoria Boccanfuso, Shawna Metcalfe

    Summary and Review of the Marital Satisfaction Inventory  by Jamie Hsieh,   Marissa Engle,  Katie Heeg

    Projective Testing.   Pro and Con. by Alberto Guerra and Elizabeth Rangel

    Summary and review of the Career Assessment Inventory, Second Edition (Vocational Version) by Elizabeth Rangel, Summer Rogers, and  Donald Leintz