Dr. Mills Psychological Testing

Homework: Test Review and Critique

Worth up to 5 points.

For this assignment, you will summarize information and reviews of a psychological test. First, identify a test that you would like to learn more about.  However, you should not do a critique of a test that has already been critiqued by a current, or previous, student in this class.  Look through the class website, and wiki, to make sure someone has not already critiqued the test you have choosen.

Ask the reference librarian to help you locate the reference book "Tests in Print" in the reference section of the library. Find a test that interests you. 

Once you have selected a test to critique,  ask the reference library to help you locate the reference books "Test Critiques" and the "Buros Mental Measurements Yearbooks" in the reference area. Try to find at least two fairly recent reviews of the test in these reference sources.   You also may be able to access this online:

Summarize the following information about the test:

1. Name of the test / Purpose / Publisher

2. Construction methodology (if known) -- e.g., deductive (rational, theoretical), inductive (contrasted groups, factor analytic), item response theory, projective, or combination of more than one of the above.

3. Evidence of reliability

4. Evidence of validity

5. Pros and cons of the test according to reviewers.

6. Reference list of articles you consulted.

Your review should be at least 2 - 3 pages printed, single spaced pages.

You may, if you wish, collaborate with (no more than) one other classmate on this assignment. 
If you do collaborate, put the name of both collaborators on the paper.  You will both get the same
point value for the assignment.

You MUST attach a copy of the 1st page of each article that you reference along with the
printout of your critique.

Also, in addition to handing in a printed copy of your test critique summary, you must post
it at our class wiki by the due date.