Psyc 542 -- Psychological Testing

Dr. Mills

Fall, 2003:


Tuesday - Thursday section:

Wednesday section:



Panel summaries: guest speakers and research article summaries.


Tuesday - Thursday class section:

Summary and PowerPoint Presentation of Tracey, T., & Darcy, M. (2002). An idiothetic examination of vocational interests and their relation to career decidedness. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 49(4). Gina Jenkins, Heather Unger, Devyn Bolden, and Maggie McCartney. Fall, 2003.

Summary of Guest Speaker, Jonathan O’Brien’s, presentation regarding Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Presentation given on 10/30/03. Panel Members: Gina Jenkins, Maggie McCartney, Brandon Parks, Jill Cornelio, and Isaac. Fall, 2003.

Summary and Power Point Presentation (PPP) of Arthur, W. Jr., Woehr, D.J., & Graziano, W. (2001). Personality testing in employment settings: Problems and issues in the application of typical selection practices. Personnel Review, 2001, Vol. 30, Issue 5/6, 657. 20. Ivan Ehlers, and Elizabeth Moses. Fall, 2003.

 Summary and Powerpoint Presentation Lilienfeld, S. O., Wood, J. M., & Garb, H. N. (2001). What’s wrong with this picture. Scientific American, 284 (5), 80-87. Virginia Huynh, Isaac Huang, Erica Olsen, and Liz Beck. Fall, 2003.

Summary and Power Point Presentation of Larson, J. H., Newell, K., Topham. G., & Nichols, S. (2002). A review of three comprehensive premarital assessment questionnaires.  Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 28, 233-249. Review by Ana Moraga, Page Patten, Katie McKeon, and Sandy Escobar. Fall 2003.  

Summary and Power Point Presentation of Adams, K.M.  (2000).  Practical and ethical issues pertaining to test revisions.  Psychological Assessment, (12)3, 281-286.  Review by Jill Cornelio, Brandon Parks, Haleigh Roach, and Jamie ShomaFall 2003.


Wednesday class section:

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Smith, D., & Dumont F. (1995).  A cautionary study: Unwarranted interpretations of the draw-a-person test.  Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 23, 298-303. Review by Katie Champagne, Olivia Flach, Vanessa Flores, and Lauren Hood. Fall, 2003. 

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Miller, Mark J. (1994). An assessment of the effect of vocational exploration on career decision making.  Journal of Employment Counseling, 31, 137-143.  Reviewed by Margaux Elliott, Mariesa Duggan, and Palmer Thornton. Fall, 2003 

PowerPoint Presentation of Debate: Affirmative Action. Pro-debaters: Audra Tindall, and Tiana Newsome. Con-debaters: Aylin Atabek and Elissa Vaidman. Fall 2003 

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Bagby, R.M., Rogers, R., Nicholson, R., Buis,T, Seeman, M.V., Rector N.  (1997).  Does clinical  training facilitate schizophrenia on the MMPI-2.  Psychological Assessment, 9(2), 106-112.  Review by Valerie Gutierrez, Vynette Moore, and April Osback.  Fall, 2003.   

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Fowers, Blaine J., Olson, David H. (1986). Predicting Marital Success with PREPARE: A Predictive Validity Study. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, vol 12, No. 4. 403-413. Review by Aracely Miron, Aylin Atabek, Elissa Vaidman, and Qiana LaCroix. Fall 2003. 

Summary of Guest Speaker Alexander Sage’s presentation regarding Clinical Psychological Assessment.  Presentation was given on 11-12-03. Panel members include: Amy Kawecki, April Osback, Joe Legacy, and Vynette Moore.  Fall, 2003. 

Debate: Projective Testing. Pro-Powerpoint Presentation by Katie Champagne, Olivia Flach, and Vanessa Flores. Con-Powerpoint Presentation by Lauren Hood, Aracely Miron, and Qiana LaCroix. Fall 2003.

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Smith, Gavin M(1985). The Collaborative Drawing Technique. Journal of Personality Assessment. Vol 49(6), 582-585. Review by Amy Kawecki, Emily Noll, and Joe Legacy.  Fall, 2003.