Psychological Testing

Dr. Mills





As noted in the syllabus, one of the options for your term project was to take several psychological tests and inventories, and to write a psychological report.


If you chose NOT to take the tests, but rather to do one of the other term project options, you can stop reading this now.


For those of you who will be writing a psychological report, you will anonymously exchange your test profiles and narrative reports with a classmate and write a summary report about him or her. During this class you have taken several personality tests, interest, and vocational tests.


1.To assure anonymity, everyone who participates in this project will use an identification number rather than your name.Write the last four digits of your social security number (or any other four digit number) on all of your test profiles and reports. Blacken your name where ever it appears on a test profile or report so that others cannot read it.†††††


2.Demographic Information Sheet.On a separate sheet of paper, specify your age, sex, and marital status, your current career plans, and include your identification number (the last 4 digits of your SS#) at the top of the page.If you feel that this information would reveal your identity (for example, if you are the only 43 year old married male in the class) you may give bogus information about your age and/or marital status.Staple this demographic information paper, along with all of your test profiles and reports together.†††††


You will turn in these test materials on the specified day. At that time, I will then give your test materials to one of your classmates; and in exchange, give you one of your classmates' test profiles and reports.


3.Write a psychological report on your classmate using whatever test results you have received.As you write the report, imagine that you have to describe this individual to someone who has never met him or her.Imagine that you are a psychologist asked to write a report, and all you have to work from are the testing materials that you have.


Your task is to develop a 4 to 8 page report, using the attached guidelines for writing a psychological report.


Your report should state that the purpose of testing was an educational exercise, and that the respondent is a student.†† (You should use the term "John Doe"or "Jane Doe" throughout yourreport to refer to the respondent.)


You should also state that this report is not written by a professional, and that to be properly interpreted test results mustbe evaluated by a qualified professional.


Use the following outline for your paper:†††



Demographic Information

Reason for Referral

Lists of Tests Administered and Date of Administration

For each test:†††

††††††††††† Name of Test

††††††††††† Purpose and Test Construction Methodology of the Test†††

††††††††††† Relibility and Validity Data (if available)†††

††††††††††† Findings (focus in particular on very high and low scores)

Overall Findings



If no reliability and validity data is available for the test, you should indicate this, and state that that interpretations of thistest are suspect and should viewed with caution and skepticism. You should not spend much time interpreting the results of tests for which there is no reliability and validity information.


With respect to evaluating the test results, your primary task is to attempt to interpret and integratethe information from the various tests and reports to developa comprehensive description ofthe individual's personality only.This is not a clinical report assessing psychopathology or to make treatment recommendations.†††


IMPORTANT: Do NOT refer to, or attempt to interpret any of theneuroticism scales of the NEO, or the results of the IQ test. Simply skip these.


Always present your interpretive statements as a hypothesis.For example, "These results suggest... ""It may be that..."††† Never make definitive statement, such as "This person is / has / does..."


Focus most of your attention on particularly high or low scores. Do not simply restate what is said about these scales in the test report manuals.Rather, what might they mean in the context of other high or low scores?You should try to integrate the results of the various tests--are they congruent or conflicting with one another?†††† What strengths does this individual appear to have?†††


How might this person function in different situations: at work, at social events, at school, with a marital partner, etc.,? What career paths might this person explore?Try to avoid Barnum-likestatements, and try to make positive remarks -- do notmake any negativeor judgmental statements.†††


It is important to reiterate, both at the beginning and at the end of your paper, that this report is based simply on inferences from the various tests, and that you have not interviewed or met the subject.††


To help you interpret the various tests, use any of the handouts I gave to you in class, and also refer to your textbook. In addition, there are references available at the library, including "Test Critiques" and the "Mental Measurement Yearbooks" for more information about some of the tests.Ask the reference librarian for help.


4.After you have finished writing the final draft of your report, duplicate it, and bring the 2 copies of the report, and the respondentís manila envelop to class on the specified date.


One copy of your report should have your name on it (that copy is for me).


The second copy of your report should NOT have your name on it.Put that copy of your report in the manila envelope, along with the test results.I will return it to the respondent.


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