Worth: 5 points  (Note: Full credit will be given, as long as you take this exercise seriously.)

Do not write your name on the report.  Instead, write only the last 4
digits of your ID number.    To respect your confidentiality, your name
will not be matched with your 4 digits (I will not know the identity of
the report writer), except to give you credit.

Write a 2 - 5 page report of your own interpretation of your own psychological
testing materials.   You may approach this task however you wish, but below
are a few suggestions:

bulletAccording to your test results, what do you think are your personal strengths?
On what areas of self-development would you like to work?
bulletWhat test results, if any, surprised you?  Why?
bulletWhat test results, if any, do you think were simply inaccurate?
bulletDid the psychological report written about you by a classmate have
any useful insights?  If so, what?
bulletIf you were to talk to a counselor about your test results, on what topics would
you like to focus?
bulletOverall, what implications might your test results have for you in terms of (a) your
educational and career direction, (b) your personal relationships with your
(future) mate and your friends/family, (c) your self-understanding and personal
life goals?

See some sample reports written by previous students:

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