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Self-Interpretation of Psychological Tests


Written by (identification number):


Personal strengths.


For one, I think most of the tests suggest that I have a personal strength in socializing. I definitely thrive on the presence of others. I find that working with people- whether in work, service or friendship- brings me a lot of joy. This was apparent in the Strong Interest Inventory, which gave me a theme code of Social, Artistic, and Investigative. This is also apparent from the Transferable Skills Survey, from which my highest score received was an 82% in Human Relations. Also, from the IPIP-NEO I scored high on the extraversion scale of cheerfulness and friendliness. This test as well as others suggest that I may not just enjoy being social for the sake of being social. I may enjoy being social because I have a strong wish to be near and to create meaningful and loving relationships. In addition, I may have a gift at helping others and empathizing with others. For example, the EQ score that I received from Utne was 180 and the EQ score I received from Emode was 135. This suggests that I may have the ability to empathize with and be compassionate to others. Other tests show that I desire to empathize with other. For example, I scored an 83 on the social scale of the Values Profile, which suggests that I being social is not just a strength, but relationships are something I value veiy much in my life.

In addition, I think that another personal strength is creativity and exploration. The Strong Interest Inventory suggests that I may have an interest in being artistic and other tests suggested these results as well. On the IPIP-NEO I scored high on artistic interests and also very high on openness to experience and very high on agreeableness.


Areas of self-developinent.


The test suggested that areas I may need to develop on are my organizational skills. My lowest score on the Transferable Skills Survey was a 63% in Organization, management and leadership. Also, I scored low on Conventional on the Strong Interest Inventory. This may suggest that it may be helpful for me to learn to be more patient with tasks that I consider to tedious, like processing data. Also, I may need to invest more energy into being more diligent about organizing and balancing my workload.


Surprising test results.


 I think the most surprising results were found from the IPIP­NEO, especially between the discrepancies between what I saw as myself, what I actually scored and what my ideal self would be. I thought that I might have scored “Very High” on extraversion, but instead I scored “Average.” Additionally, I was also surprised that I scored Social, Artistic Investigative on the Strong test. In the past I have scored Artistic, Investigative, and Social. I expected that my need to be creative might be higher than my desire to be social, but the opposite was the case. Also, on the strong test I was surprised to see that I scored very high on culinary arts. Yet, after discovery my strengths as a creative and social individual this also makes sense.


Inaccurate test results.


None of the test scores seemed greatly inaccurate, however I did question that score I received on extraversion from the IPIP-NEO (see above section). I still think that I am above average on extraversion.

Psychological Report Written by Classmate:.


 I was very impressed by the psychological test written by the classmate. It was well written and easy to follow. I think that I certainly gathered insight from this test. I think the test helps me reconcile my need to socialize. Often, I think that it is difficult to be high on social and high on artistic ability, because it seems difficult to balance the two needs. Fortunately, the test helped me to see how both gift intertwine. For example, my interests from the Strong Interest Inventory in music, social work, teaching and religious activities show the ways I can use both gifts (creativity and socializing) in society. I think I was also able to appreciate my empathetic side. Sometimes I think that being too compassionate and empathetic can be seen as a weakness. The tests really showed that when used purposefully, this strength could be a strong gift and an aid to a world that needs to process with individuals who desire to listen and invest in relating and being compassionate to other’s problems and needs.


The parts I would focus on if talking to a counselor.


With a counselor, I think I would discuss how to balance my strengths in the everyday world. For one, I would discuss how to balance my empathetic side in a world that often stresses the importance to be independent and fend for one’s self. I think that as an empathetic person that I can get caught up in helping others that sometimes I can damage myself in the process Thus, talking with a counselor it would be helpful to discuss how to balance my desire to empathize and how to channel this strength purposefully into a career option.

Also, with a counselor, I might also discuss ways that I can use my creative side. Often, I feel as though majoring in psychology did not provide me with an outlet to be creative. In fact, in ways it hindered my creative side because I spent so much time focusing on research. I would probably discuss with a counselor small ways that I can fulfill my artistic needs.


Implications of test results for my educational and career direction.


The main section that offered results for possible career choices was the Strong Interest Inventory. I found that most of my higher scoring results from the Strong are indeed careers I would consider. For example, I scored very similar to musician, social worker, high school counselor, special education teacher, minister, photographer and elementary school teacher. These are all professions that I may consider. However, what is the most important part of the tests I took is that they simply reinforced those strengths that I have that may or may not be good for my future career. Thus, I gained some insight into the type of job that I’d like to pursue. Judging from the test result, I would probably prefer a career that works with people, is creative and also allows me to relate to individuals in deep and meaningful ways. This may be teaching or it may be photography. For now, I think it is just important for me to be aware of my strengths.


Implications of my test results for relationships with my mate and friends.


The test results imply that I am individual who ought to be around individuals who appreciate my ability to empathize with others. It may be difficult to date or be friends with individuals who see empathy or compassion as weakness. In addition, I believe that being around other artistic individuals, especially as a social person, helps to fuel my own

creative abilities. Lastly, I think it is important for me to be friends with or be in a relationship with an individual who appreciates socializing. It may be difficult for me to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t enjoy social events or finds them overwhelming. However, it may also be beneficial to be around individuals who enjoy the more quiet aspects of life, because I also like to be around calm and less social environments. I think in terms of my friendships and/or future relationships it would be beneficial for me to associate with individuals who are socially balanced with moments of extraversion and introversion.


Implications of test results for my self-understanding and personal goals.


The test results seemed to reiterate information that I already knew about myself, but through the results I now have a greater knowledge of this information. I think that I now know more specifically that I ought to invest in those strengths that I already have: social strengths, creative strengths and healing/empathizing strengths.

With regards to my personal goals, I think that the tests have helped me to understand more clearly that I need to learn to channel my strengths in productive ways. I think that I have focused on socializing a lot in college. I have gotten to know a vast array of people, but I think it is important to use our skills productively. Perhaps, I can help to learn how to network people together who are looking to work on similar life­ projects Also, I think that in many ways I have put IiI~ creative side on hold, because psychology is much more research oriented. I think as a personal goal, I’d like to pursue more creative writing and get involved in theater again.

In summary, I think the test results have affirmed my strengths and allowed me to better appreciate them. If any thing, this will aid me in the next steps of applying the test results to my own personal goals.