Self-Interpretation of Psychological Tests and Reports


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In looking at the results of the tests I took for this class project, I can develop an assessment of myself that I feel is accurate. However, there are a few things these tests revealed that were not true of myself, and several things that my evaluator commented on that I do not agree with.



According to my test results I have several strengths that I recognize about myself and that others have said are part of my personality. The Authentic Happiness VIA Signature Strengths Survey reported that my top strength was honesty, authenticity, and genuineness. I am always honest with everyone because I do not like to portray an image of myself that I am not. I personally dislike others that portray themselves to be something they are not. I do not like to he to others because I feel it is deceiving. I am a down to earth person and want others to know that so they can gain a sense that I am trustworthy and that I see reality the way it is. My second strength is humor and playfulness. I can very much agree with this being one of my strengths because I know that I have good sense of humor. I can always find a way to bring humor to a dull situation and making others laugh and many times I tease because enjoy doing it. I prefer to see others laughing and smiling, so I try to bring in my sense of humor whenever I feel it is necessary to enlighten a situation. My third strength is industry, diligence, and perseverance. I am a hard worker and always try to do my best. I take responsibility in what I do and I plan my projects and activities with time in order to get them done when they need to be. When I have completed a task, I feel satisfied that it is done and that I contributed to its completion. My fourth strength is kindness and generosity. I am kind and generous with others all the time and whenever I can, I do favors for others. I take pride in helping others because it makes me satisfied. My final strength is capacity to love and be loved. I value close relationships with others and try to develop close relationships with people who care about me. All these strengths were also were reflected in my results on the Rokeach Values Survey where I ranked being loving, helpful, honest, and responsible as the most important values of my life.


Surprising Test Results

On the IPIP-NEO there were several facets where under the five domains that reported I was low or high on areas where I thought I was the opposite. For example, in the Neuroticism domain, I thought I was average on the vulnerability facet. Under pressure, I sometimes panic and add more stress to myself than I should. The IPIP-NEO however said that I was low and that under pressure or stress, I feel more poised, confident, and think more clearly. In the depression facet I also scored average, whereas I self-rated myself as low. I may be more depressed than IL think I am or maybe I simply do not recognize it.

In the Agreeableness domain, there were two facts where I thought I was high which the IPIP-NEO claimed I was average. In the trusting facet I rated myself very high for I feel I am forgiving and trusting. I usually do not see people as suspicious or feel they are a danger to me. The IPIP-NEO, however, reported that I was only average. In the tender-minded (sympathy) facet, I also rated myself as very high. I see myself as friendly, warm, sympathetic, gentle, compassionate, and kind. Many people have also indicated that about me. The IPIP-NEO, however, reported I was only average, suggesting that sometimes I may be hard-hearted.

On the Strong Interest Inventory, there were also surprising results. In the basic interest scales, the test reported II have very high interest in military activities. It also indicated that I had similar interests with military personnel and military officers. Yes, it is true that I like structured settings like those seen in the military, but I have never once thought that I would work well in such a field. Surprisingly, though I am a psychology major, the Strong indicated that I had very dissimilar interests with psychologists.

I was also surprised on my IQ Score that I obtained on IQ Test Lab quiz I took. My IQ was reported to be in the lower average. I have taken several IQ test before and many reported that I was average or a little above average.

On the Transfer Skills Survey, I received a high score on research and planning which I found surprising because I honestly am not the type of person that likes to research. I usually like the facts and information given to me beforehand and then from there I can plan a strategy and then execute it to reach the goal I have set out to accomplish.


Inaccurate Test Results

I do not feel that there were any completely inaccurate results from all the tests that I took. All the tests more or less represented parts of my personality, but none were not inaccurate.


Psychological Report Written by Classmate

The report written on me by my classmate did have some useful insights regarding my personality. In the IPIP-NEO section, my evaluator stated that based on extraversion scores in terms of career implications, I would probably be very good at directing and supervising others in the workplace. My evaluator also indicated the same from the results from the Transfer Skills Survey. Currently at my job, I am supervisor and most of my work involves supervising and directing the other students that work there. I like this line of work very much and the fact that my evaluator suggested the same gives me more reason to possibly pursue a career involved in supervising and directing others.

Based on my rankings of values on the Rokeach Values Survey, my evaluator indicated that I was probably very loving and affectionate person towards others and that I seek this love and affection in return. I believe this is true for I usually do expect people to treat me the way that I treat them. I work hard at maintaining relationships and try to let others know that I am a true friend and I am someone they can come to for anything. In addition, my evaluator indicated that I am more than willing to indicate a helping hand to someone who is need, which is something I do tend to do. I find satisfaction in helping others. For this reason, I have been involved in many community service activities over the past several years and will continue to do so in the future.

My evaluator however suggested that in terms of relationships based on my conscientiousness scores, I may be too single-minded and overly indulged in her work to focus on relationships. I actually disagree on this, for despite that I am very busy with my education and work responsibilities, I still make time for relationship with my partner. I dedicate equal time to things occurring in my life such as school, work, and my relationship and do not let my need to achieve get in the way and take time from any of these important elements of my life.


Topics to Discuss with Counselor

One topic in particular I would like to discuss with my counselor is on my average score in depression. Because I rated myself as low, it may be that I do not see issues in my life as affecting me when they are. In addition, my vulnerability score seemed somewhat off. I personally feel that under pressure and stress I sometimes cannot get my work done and do not feel as confident in myself. I would like to discuss this with my counselor to see if there are strategies I could use to reduce the amount of stress I put on myself when I am under pressure and ways to feel more confident.


Implications on Educational and Career Direction

The results from the tests that I took for this assignment have huge implications on my educational and career goals for they have indicated my interests and possible paths that I could do well because of the characteristics that I possess. According to the Strong Interest Inventory, I have a high interest in careers that are related to the medical field in which I help people. This is primarily the reason why I choose to major in Psychology in college because I an interested becoming a therapist. I would like to help families and couples who are having problems in their relationships. I could also pursue being a medical assistant or medical records technician. In addition, because I like to work in structured settings that deal with supervising and directing people, I may pursue a career related to management, possible a business that provides customer service. My strength so industry, diligence, and perseverance will allow me to succeed in my educational and career goals for I will work hard and do my best at whatever I become involved



Implications on Personal Relationships with Future Mates and Friends

Based on the results from all these tests, I am a friendly, loving, caring, and affectionate person. I build close relationships with others because of these qualities. I expect people close to me to also show these characteristics and treat me in the manner I treat them. Because I am honest and genuine with others, I let others know that I am a real friend and that I am trustworthy and that they can come to me for anything. In terms of my relationship with my mate, my personality has helped us have a smooth relationship were there is love, affection, honesty, trust, and respect. I express my love and affection to my mate because I want him to know I have to capacity to love and that I am true. Having all these characteristics should help me maintain my relationships that are nurturing and happy overall.


Implications on Self-Understanding and Personal Goals

These test results revealed a great deal about my personality that I had not recognized before. I am now more aware of the type of person that I am and will use the insights from all these tests to help me decide what paths I will take in the future. Knowing what my strengths and weakness are will allow me work on the weaknesses that I have and continue exhibiting the strengths that I possess. I will use all the information I have learned and apply them when pursuing my personal goals.