Psyc 542 -- Psychological Testing

Dr. Mills

Spring, 2004:



Summary and Powerpoint Presentatation of Gati, I., Saka, N., Krausz, M. (2001). ‘Should I use a computer-assisted career guidance system?’ It depends on where your career decision-making difficulties lie. British Journal of Guidance & Counseling, 29. Review by Leslie Frassel, Thomas Blashaw, & Bethany Sills. Spring 2004.

PowerPoint presentation of affirmative action debate.  Pro Debators: Thomas Blashaw, Leslie Frassel, and Fatima Coley. Con Debators: Melissa Guzman, Cristina Collazo, Michelle Young, and Ed Cruz.   Spring,  2004.

Summary and Powerpoint of Freeston, M., & Plechaty, M. (1977). Reconsideration of the Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Test: Is it still relevant for the 1990's? Psychological Reports, 81, 419-434. Review by Fatima Coley, Elisabeth Hopkins, Jennice Pamilton, and Nakia Williams. Spring, 2004.

Summary of Guest Speaker, Kim Martin, presentation regarding Personnel Testing. Presentation given on 03/16/04. Panel Members: Elisabeth Hopkins, Lily Soltero, Ana Arias, Julia Baird, and Alheli Miranda. Spring, 2004.

Summary and Powerpoint of Randahl, G., Hansen, J., & Haverkamp, B. (1993). Instrumental Behaviors Following Test Administration and Interpretation: Exploration Validity of the Strong Interest Inventory. Journal of Counseling and Development, 71, 435-439. Review by Lily Soltero, Julia Baird, Alheli Miranda, and Ana Arias. Spring, 2004.

Summary and Powerpoint of Knauss, L.K. (2001). Ethical Issues in Psychological Assessment in School Settings. Journal of Personality Assessment. 77(2), 231-241. Reviewed by Nicole Murph, Melissa Guzman, Ed Cruz, and Gabriela Pelaez. Spring, 2004.

Summary of The Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology (2001). Assessment: Clinical Testing of Adults. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 16, 255-269. Summary by Cristina Collazo, Michelle Young,
Merika Adams, Stephene Porras. Spring, 2004

PowerPoint presentation of Projective Testing debate.  Pro Debators: Molly Weston, Nina Losorelli and Bethany Sills.
Con Debators: Nika Williams, Jennice Pamilton, and Nicole Murph.  Moderator: Gabriela Pelaez. Spring, 2004.