Personnel Testing Speaker: Kim Martin


-Personality testing used at Loyola, but not for hiring

-Hard skills test is the 10-key test

-Testing mostly for higher end users

-Job interview gives you top 15% of employee, testing adds 5% more

-Testing is good to assess hard skills, a person may do well in an interview but you donít know about their skills

-Myers Briggs test is used after a person is hired to determine an employeeís personality. This helps determine what kind training will be best for the person. Also helps in case there might be some kind of personality conflict.

-HR screens resumes to make sure that they meet minimum requirements. They donít interview potential candidates, interviews done by division that is looking for the new employee.

-Gender differences = 80% of administrative assistants at LMU are female, most skilled craft employees are male

-Exempt employees

        Exempt employees are professionals

        Donít have a supervisor, work on their own

        No set hours

-Three keys




-Tips for resume:

-Top questions in an interview:

        Whatís the biggest mistake youíve made?

         Whatís your biggest accomplishment?

        What are your weaknesses, and how do you deal with them?

-Pros of HR= variety (HR consultants do training, recruitments, employee relations, and benefits)

-For upward mobility in HR management it depends where you work. Small places do not have many job openings/great benefits, so there isnít much room for growth.