Psyc 542 -- Psychological Testing

Dr. Mills

Summer, 2004:


Online lectures for Summer, 04

Summary and PowerPoint of Powers, D. E., Kaufman, J. C. (2004). Do standardized tests penalize deep-thinking, creative, or conscientious students? Some personality correlates of Graduate Record Examinations test scores. Intelligence, 32, 145-153.  Review by  Priya Tharayal, Therese Zettel, and Elspeth Cardin (Summer, 2004)

Summary and PowerPoint of Berscheid, E., Snyder, M., & Omoto, A.M. (1989).  The Relationship Closeness Inventory: Assessing the Closeness of Interpersonal Relationships. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 57, 792 - 807.  Review by Megan Blazek and Leslie Wheeler (Summer, 2004)